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League rules

Cornhole, is a simple game that is played outdoors or indoors, using two wooden Cornhole Boards or platforms. The flat surface area is very smooth, sits at an angle to the ground and has a 6” hole at one end. Cornhole can be played by two people, but is most often played in a two-person team format as discussed here. Sanctioned tournaments have a strict set of regulations that must be followed, however these rules are easily altered to make the game easier for non-seasoned players playing in fundraising tournaments or just-for-fun events. Some of these changes will be mentioned in this description of the game.

To start, two boards are positioned facing each other on a reasonably level playing surface. At sanctioned tournaments the boards are set 27 feet apart but we suggest using shorter distances, usually 21 to 24 feet, depending on the event being held. One player from each team, indicated below by red and blue stickmen, take up positions beside the two boards.

The teams toss a coin to decide whether play will start from the left or right board. Each player on that side will have 4 different coloured bags filled with shelled corn (we use red and blue), and the players alternate tossing one bag at a time toward to the opposite board. The goal is to get as many of your bags either into the hole (3 points), or to land directly on the board and stay there (1 point).

The first team to score 21 points is the winner, but a win cannot be declared in the middle of an inning, as all players at each set of boards must be given an opportunity to toss their bags. At non-sanctioned tournaments and just-for-fun-events, the number of points required for a win is often reduced.