CornhOLE rules

Cornhole 101 by the Canadian Cornhole Organization

Cornhole 101

the basics

I know we aren't all geniuses but playing Cornhole involves minimal athletic ability and very limited brain power. The game is designed to be simple, fun and easy for all ages and athletic abilities. Never played before? That's'll be a pro in no time. All you need are two boards, 2-4 people, eight bean bags, a mathematician and in most cases; a cold beverage.



To start, two boards are positioned facing each other on a reasonably level playing surface. The pros set the boards 27 feet apart but we play with boards usually 21 to 24 feet apart. One player from each team will stand at opposite ends. You're opponent will stand beside you. Once this is established, feel free to acknowledge your opponent - say hi, shake hands, bow, hug....whatever floats your boat.

You know what they say. Keep your friends close, but you're enemies closer.


bean bag tossing & COUNTING points

The teams toss a coin to decide who gets to start tossing first. Each player on that side will have 4 different coloured bags filled with shelled corn/beans, and the players alternate tossing one bag at a time toward to the opposite board. The goal is to get as many of your bags either into the hole (3 points), or to land directly on the board and stay there (1 point). All eight bean bags must be tossed before points are counted. We use an elimination rule meaning if we both have one bean bag on the board the score remains even (e.g. 0-0)

The first team to score 21 points is the winner, but a win cannot be declared in the middle of an inning, as all players at each set of boards must be given an opportunity to toss their bags.


The NO-No's & Additional Rules

  • If the bean bag hits the ground before popping onto the board, the point(s) do not count. Remove this bag prior to the next throw.

  • Bean bags leaning on the board (or half on but touching the ground) do not count. Remove this bag prior to the next throw.

  • If a team is close to 21 and goes over, their score will drop to 11 and they will continue to play until one team reaches exactly 21 points.

  • If the tosser steps past the board as they throw the bean bag, their point(s) will not count.

  • Bean Bags can be tossed in any style (e.g underhand (aka granny), overhead, flip, chuck, lob)



We told you it was easy.